Yup, 50% of my blog pages are about shutdown, should i tell you why

Jealously, it hits you hard, it makes you cry until you want it to die, well you know what i mean

Anyway what i am here to say, i will be shutting down one of our heart franchies' which was here since BBC Networks was here as "BBC Media Group", Its BBC News and should i tell you why, theres already one in this industry, thats RNC.

The only way to save BBC News is to make Michael kill off RNC with all its shows, but i doubt that will happen any time soon, becuase he may get loads of critisim, and here is the reason why BBC News is the same as RNC

1, Its the music, same old BBC Music

2, No reason for this

3, The BOX!

4, The countdown noise

5, Graphics!!, Graphics!, Graphics :(

Leading back to the first section of this blog post, I am jealous, jealous is a hurtful thing, becuase ive been jealous all my ROBLOX life and tried to beat so many people, i guess that will never happen..