Thanks for having me, I have left DFE and DFW officially, I will still be replying comments until September.

Oh, and if you want to know my real reason, firstly I am jealous, DFE is getting loads of members, I used to have all that amount, until Michael came along and deleted it all, What he did never did anything to bring me up, it brung me down. Members don't matter, but when you try to make programs, there is NO ONE that you can use to make you act, your friends can't becuase they are in another time zone, if you try and say make ads and go off your lazy ass you can't even make ads becuase it doesn't freaking work!, I made ads before and they never even worked, I'm trying to make ads but you can't even make those ads becuase of Microsoft Powerpoint not designed to make these things (basically I cannot even convert pixels into height and width) I don't have ANY money to make ads, I can't get ANY financial help becuase I don't have BC. 

Admit it, I'm a falure to the ROBLOX TV Industry and the video industry ontop, becuase group members do matter, if I had someone to blame its Michael and all the people who have big member television studios, becuase I feel defeated.