(I'm not sure if this is related but if it isn't accept it as advertising if you want your channel on the new digital service, please note if it was on 3view it will be on TV from T5T but double check anyway.)

TV from T5T isn't just 3view but in another man's clothes and to prove that we are going to list all of our features which we will use in the final version.

A working On Demand Section.

We're competing with RoTV which means we looked at their site, seeing all the cons and actually, we added something that they failed to work on. An actually working On Demand section, All the boxes are empty on their service while with us we made it possible for shows to play.

Instead of a TV Guide, we're replacing it with Events.

Most channels will just get on with it and post something on Twitter, saying "Tommorow we will be airing a marathon of all (show name) only on TTN #StayTuned" so why need a TV guide when you can just make one tweet.

A smart way to add your channel.

You just need to fill out a form and then within 48 hours your channel will be there, if it doesn't come up you can email us and we will try and fix the problem.

We are starting to develop TV from T5T and once we finished designing and adding all the channels from 3view, we will be releasing it publicly on Beta.

-The TV from T5T team.