FreshCon MMXVI logo
In November, FreshCon MMXVI will happen, and this is going to be our first convention that we have been planning since 2015.

But in order to make our convention safe and operate correctly, here are the standard procedures to follow for when FreshCon happens:

  • Make sure every attendant of FreshCon should have their standard or V.I.P. passes in order to join the convention, if the attendant does not have any of those passes, this result them being ousted from FreshCon.
  • Make sure every attendant should follow the official dress code of the convention, faliure to comply with the dress code will result in a immediate banishment from the convention.
  • Security and surveilence should be surrounded, monitored, and recorded for safety precautions.
  • Any hate, exploitation, and/or terrorist activity during the opening hours of FreshCon, will be immediately ousted and banned from the convention.
  • Every presentation room should be closed and locked until the presentation is over.
  • Innapropriate and sexual activity is unnacceptable and will result an immediate banishment from the convention.