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  • I live in United States
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is Owner of FRSH Inc., Dipper Fresh Entertainment, Hexahedron, etc.
  • I am Male
  • DragonDipperBlossom

    In November, FreshCon MMXVI will happen, and this is going to be our first convention that we have been planning since 2015.

    But in order to make our convention safe and operate correctly, here are the standard procedures to follow for when FreshCon happens:

    • Make sure every attendant of FreshCon should have their standard or V.I.P. passes in order to join the convention, if the attendant does not have any of those passes, this result them being ousted from FreshCon.
    • Make sure every attendant should follow the official dress code of the convention, faliure to comply with the dress code will result in a immediate banishment from the convention.
    • Security and surveilence should be surrounded, monitored, and recorded for safety precautions.
    • Any hate…
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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    I've noticed that there was some allegations of copyright infringement, and that's mostly from logos. Just last Friday, I noticed that MightyPGK made a logo for YourPick, in which it looked too similar to the TelePlay logo that I made for one of the first members of the Dipper Fresh Foundation Board of Trustees, plainoldbread (wikia username: ZexalDiamond) under the logo creating service division, Dipper Fresh Design Agency.

    And this wasnt the first time it happend.

    Which is why, I've decided that next week, I will be changing the rules and putting an improved but new Copyright rule. 

    We can't be stealing other's logos with the permission or the consent of the owner, its just madness

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    Here at the Dipper Fresh Foundation, we specialize on broadcasting television and radio, production of shows or movies, and or funding this group for a Robuck or more (maximum is R$1,000).

    But we also support the best known activist community in the world, the LGBT community. The community is trying their best let people feel comfortable from their true sexuality to their rights in various countries.

    However, this has created a lot of controversy and criticism in certain countries such as the United States, after the state of North Carolina has passed a law in March 2016, which is known as "House Bill 2" or "HB2". That state law prohibits gay, transgender, genderqueer, and intersex people which applies to individuals may only use restrooms t…

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    Last month we secretly announced that we are gonna switch RMC's broadcasting operations to another broadcasting livestreaming service.

    We would like you to help us find a broadcasting livestreaming  service with a the following features:

    • Online Broadcasting Control
    • Free HD Support
    • Adding watermark support for station identification
    • The ability to autopilot broadcasting
    • Ability to upload videos not from YouTube videos
    • And free customizable player

    If you found a broadcasting service that has those following features, please send us a message via "General Discussion" on the forums sections, or "Message Wall".

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    Back in December 2015, we announced some major changes that will be coming to wiki this year.

    And as of today, effective immediately, those changes will start progressing right now.

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