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MN ident (created by BLNetworks)

Mighty Networks is an entertainment and television company that was founded in January 20, 2016 by MightyPGK. It is currently owned by Dipper Fresh Mighty.

Acquisition by Dipper Fresh

On August 2016, Dipper Fresh & Associates (now FRSH Inc.) made the intention to acquire Mighty Networks for an undisclosed amount.

DF&A's owner, DragonDipperBlossom stated that the acquisition offer was the result of Mighty Networks' struggling ratings and lack of support from other Robloxian broadcasting companies, he also stated that the offer was to make Dipper Fresh's workforce more up to date and have more stability for its several subsidiaries.

The acquisition process was completed in September 30, 2016 and two days later on October 2, 2016, Dipper Fresh and Mighty Networks announced a new corporate entity that will be holding the two companies named, Dipper Fresh Mighty.


Current Programming

  • Mentally Disabled
  • MNN

Future Programming

  • Dream Game
  • Three, Two, Win!
  • Soccer Boys

Discontinued Programming

  • Life @ RGH (Set never finished)
  • News at 11 & 12 (Morphed into Good Morning Roblox!)



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