Buddbudd Corporation is owned by Buddbudd222 owner of Buddbudd Studios. The corporation was made for the holding of all proprieties BBS and BBN.


The corporation was not made sooner because TheMagRblx said that it was a copyright infringement of BBC Networks because of the letters "BBC" . A few months later budd asked TheMagRblx again one last time and he said, "Don't use the acronym of the BBC." Buddbudd222 acknowledge that and made it to BC and not BBC on the logo. Buddbudd Corportion covers all comments for the networks, Law suements, and criticism.

On September 18, 2016 Buddbudd Corperation filed a protest to Robloxian Broadcast Exchange for TheMagRblx to face trial for copyright infringement and says "that he closed TE to get away with the crime". On October 11, 2016 Buddbudd Corporation made a new studio to have stop motion to not have an overload work flow for Buddbudd Studios.

Properties owned by Buddbudd Corporation

Former properties owned by Buddbudd Corporation

Property Year Faith
BBNG (BBN Government) 2015-2016 No Roblox country intrested

Court Cases

Who Vs. Who Filed Court case started Court case ended For what Win, Lose, N/A Notes
BBC Networks Vs Buddbudd Corportion 1/24/16 Fireing TheMagRblx. Dropped MichaelIsGr8 lied on the stand and Buddbudd222 was objecting but the trial went overboard to past things that was irreverent to the trial.
Roblox TV Studios Vs Buddbudd Corporation 10/11/16 TBA TBA Making BBGN as a group without permission and claiming ownership. TBA TBA

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