• DonValutaRBLX

    Good Evening Hexahedron Wiki,

    This is an announcement that the Robloxian Film & Television Wiki has been restored. The previous administrator completely trashed the wiki and had vandalized many pages. I was able to strip him of his powers and restore the wikia to a more stable state. Now the wikia is back under control and we will be moving forward.

    Our two wikias have forged a partnership. Unlike other wikias, like RobloxTV, we encourage directors and companies if they so choose to create their own wikia locations if they feel its the best way to document their files. I made many edits helping to set up this wikia a while back on my other account and I am very glad to see this wikia is still going strong. We will always keep a link of our p…

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  • Planetalk14

    Hello, guys!

    I have some important news. I will be inactive on May 26th, 2017-June 30th, 2017 due to me moving. I will check in every once and then, but I will be mainly video and game inactive. Thanks for your cooperation!

    ~MightyPGK, Owner of Mighty Networks

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  • Overwxtched

    Hey folks,

    It's been a while since my initial departure from Roblox back in January, but I since then returned in my new account called, Overwxtched.

    And recently I've returned to my television company that I took with me which is Hexahedron Television Networks, in which it acquired FRSH Inc. on April 17th, and thus folding it into Hexahedron.

    Due to this change, we are announcing that this wiki will now be the Hexahedron Television Wiki.

    With warm regards but short,


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  • TheMagRBLX


    November 25, 2016 by TheMagRBLX

    I'm thinking to sell TE to MichaelIsGr8, The reason why I am doing this is so I can no longer be part of a successful brand which is what I think everyone thinks TE is? Also because I'm (probably) going to quit ROBLOX in December and come back on another account anonymously so I won't have the reputation of a copy and a rip-off, I won't be telling you guys the new account and I won't be part of the TV Industry anymore, only close friends like Blixys will know the account. None of you will have the username.

    That's basically all.

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  • TheMagRBLX

    RoTV has been hacked

    November 18, 2016 by TheMagRBLX

    Report i have done on it.

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  • TheMagRBLX

    Just stop.

    October 16, 2016 by TheMagRBLX

    Recently the exposed posts have been getting a lot of hate from the studios its been pointed at and I'm saying just stop. If a company exposed another company a fight won't happen. We're robloxian public broadcasters and we shouldn't be scared about this. This is getting annoying so can you please stop, i've stopped my exposed posts so please stop. S T O P.

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  • TheMagRBLX

    On the 13th of October all instances of TE ROBLOX will be shutdown, All shows which are produced in TE ROBLOX will be moved to vivo. We're still going to be active in ROBLOX though, TE owns vivo so you may see our brand name next to it. 

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  • TheMagRBLX

    The new 3view

    October 8, 2016 by TheMagRBLX

    Today i'm announcing the brand new 3view, We made a brand new logo with some brand new posters. All channels from the old 3view will be transferred to the new 3view with an added On Demand library, if you want to opt out of being part of the On Demand Library or the new 3view please ask me. 

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  • TheMagRBLX


    October 5, 2016 by TheMagRBLX

    TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life,TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real LifeTE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real,TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life,TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real LifeTE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real LifeTE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is split into 2, ROBLOX and Real Life, TE is s…

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    In November, FreshCon MMXVI will happen, and this is going to be our first convention that we have been planning since 2015.

    But in order to make our convention safe and operate correctly, here are the standard procedures to follow for when FreshCon happens:

    • Make sure every attendant of FreshCon should have their standard or V.I.P. passes in order to join the convention, if the attendant does not have any of those passes, this result them being ousted from FreshCon.
    • Make sure every attendant should follow the official dress code of the convention, faliure to comply with the dress code will result in a immediate banishment from the convention.
    • Security and surveilence should be surrounded, monitored, and recorded for safety precautions.
    • Any hate…
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  • TheMagRBLX

    Recently I joined RBE and I said to Budd what was bad about his livestream, and I said tell me some stuff bad about TE, he said he would zip his mouth becuase "do not judge peoples work in a mean way act.". I assumed it was RBE and I needed to write a blog post about this.

    I think it should be acceptable to judge peoples work in a mean way but don't do it continuiously that it will hurt the persons feelings becuase doing this would overprotect us. The right to state your opinion is a right and not a fantasy and we would be muting other peoples opinions if we do that. 

    Giving peoples right to have an opinion is the ONLY way to improve our buisnesses, our creativity and fantasy isn't perfect. 

    Hear me out, RBE.


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  • TheMagRBLX

    My last blog post here

    August 16, 2016 by TheMagRBLX

    Thanks for having me, I have left DFE and DFW officially, I will still be replying comments until September.

    Oh, and if you want to know my real reason, firstly I am jealous, DFE is getting loads of members, I used to have all that amount, until Michael came along and deleted it all, What he did never did anything to bring me up, it brung me down. Members don't matter, but when you try to make programs, there is NO ONE that you can use to make you act, your friends can't becuase they are in another time zone, if you try and say make ads and go off your lazy ass you can't even make ads becuase it doesn't freaking work!, I made ads before and they never even worked, I'm trying to make ads but you can't even make those ads becuase of Microsoft…

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  • TheMagRBLX


    So, I've decided something and its to no longer work at Dipper Fresh Entertamient. I feel like I am no longer welcomed and I am just someone sitting in the corner. 


    No one really knows me here, I don't want have everyones attention. A wikia is a collabrotive thing and I feel like I am not part of that in anyway. 

    That's all, give questions down below.

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  • ZexalDiamond

    1st RED Media fest

    August 13, 2016 by ZexalDiamond

    It's pretty formal, and there is speeches on the Online Television Industry. There will be live music and food (ROBLOX)

    and we all meet up here

    The speakers are (In order by apperance)

    plainoldbread (Opening Speech on TV station interest)

    BuddBudd222 (Speech on News TV)

    DragonDipperBlossom (Speech on how to make effective TV channels)

    DonValuta (Speech on ROBLOXiwood and contreversies)

    MightyPGK (Closing Speech on Media in 2016)

    The end of the media festival will be music and people can leave or talk.

    Admission is free

    Date: August 14, 2016 (Early Lunch or Dinner Gala) August 15 (Main event)

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  • DonValuta



    The Roblox Filmmaking Guide is a comprehensive step-by-step instruction manual for creating Roblox movies, series, TV shows, or other forms of media. This guide specifically deals with YouTube-based distribution platforms. RTV companies who specialize in livestreaming services and software are not covered in this guide in its current form. Many of the softwares necessary to create high-production value videos cost money. I encourage people to use any of their online resources to find free copies online if you are not able to afford the price. With that being said, here is my personal filmmaking guide which I have put together to help ensure amateur Roblox directors in any Roblox vid…

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  • TheMagRBLX

    (I'm not sure if this is related but if it isn't accept it as advertising if you want your channel on the new digital service, please note if it was on 3view it will be on TV from T5T but double check anyway.)

    TV from T5T isn't just 3view but in another man's clothes and to prove that we are going to list all of our features which we will use in the final version.

    A working On Demand Section.

    We're competing with RoTV which means we looked at their site, seeing all the cons and actually, we added something that they failed to work on. An actually working On Demand section, All the boxes are empty on their service while with us we made it possible for shows to play.

    Instead of a TV Guide, we're replacing it with Events.

    Most channels will just g…

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    I've noticed that there was some allegations of copyright infringement, and that's mostly from logos. Just last Friday, I noticed that MightyPGK made a logo for YourPick, in which it looked too similar to the TelePlay logo that I made for one of the first members of the Dipper Fresh Foundation Board of Trustees, plainoldbread (wikia username: ZexalDiamond) under the logo creating service division, Dipper Fresh Design Agency.

    And this wasnt the first time it happend.

    Which is why, I've decided that next week, I will be changing the rules and putting an improved but new Copyright rule. 

    We can't be stealing other's logos with the permission or the consent of the owner, its just madness

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    Here at the Dipper Fresh Foundation, we specialize on broadcasting television and radio, production of shows or movies, and or funding this group for a Robuck or more (maximum is R$1,000).

    But we also support the best known activist community in the world, the LGBT community. The community is trying their best let people feel comfortable from their true sexuality to their rights in various countries.

    However, this has created a lot of controversy and criticism in certain countries such as the United States, after the state of North Carolina has passed a law in March 2016, which is known as "House Bill 2" or "HB2". That state law prohibits gay, transgender, genderqueer, and intersex people which applies to individuals may only use restrooms t…

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    Last month we secretly announced that we are gonna switch RMC's broadcasting operations to another broadcasting livestreaming service.

    We would like you to help us find a broadcasting livestreaming  service with a the following features:

    • Online Broadcasting Control
    • Free HD Support
    • Adding watermark support for station identification
    • The ability to autopilot broadcasting
    • Ability to upload videos not from YouTube videos
    • And free customizable player

    If you found a broadcasting service that has those following features, please send us a message via "General Discussion" on the forums sections, or "Message Wall".

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  • ZexalDiamond

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    Back in December 2015, we announced some major changes that will be coming to wiki this year.

    And as of today, effective immediately, those changes will start progressing right now.

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    After 4 months of ToonVision being launched back in September 7, 2015, I think it's time for ToonVision to pull the plug, even though we had great times watching the channel and being co-owned by TheMagRblx's BBC Networks. I mean no matter how ToonVision is doing the best to bring viewers, but I guess it's one of those times where life is short and most of the time you can't bring it back.

    And if ToonVision ends, what will be the future of Robloxian children's television? Well, we just have to know where the wind takes it's course.

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    Since I started the Dipper Fresh Studios wiki in April 13, 2015, it is a blessing to have my own wiki created for Dipper Fresh Studios or Dipper Fresh Studios-related community, but as time went on, the more they know about my wiki, the more they use the wiki or NOT. As we are approaching the new year, we are going to start some major changes to the wiki and the DFS-community, and the major changes are going to change on what we use the wiki forever.

    The major changes are:

    • Increasing Security (we will start to look closely on the wiki's protection and safety with more trusted Moderators, Administrators, Chat Moderators, Bureaucrats, and Rollbacks, by locking pages that are not to changed by an anonymous user, and also requiring all contribut…
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  • TheMagRBLX

    Shut Down

    December 29, 2015 by TheMagRBLX

    Yup, 50% of my blog pages are about shutdown, should i tell you why

    Jealously, it hits you hard, it makes you cry until you want it to die, well you know what i mean

    Anyway what i am here to say, i will be shutting down one of our heart franchies' which was here since BBC Networks was here as "BBC Media Group", Its BBC News and should i tell you why, theres already one in this industry, thats RNC.

    The only way to save BBC News is to make Michael kill off RNC with all its shows, but i doubt that will happen any time soon, becuase he may get loads of critisim, and here is the reason why BBC News is the same as RNC

    1, Its the music, same old BBC Music

    2, No reason for this

    3, The BOX!

    4, The countdown noise

    5, Graphics!!, Graphics!, Graphics :(


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  • TheMagRBLX

    Its time to grow up

    December 20, 2015 by TheMagRBLX

    BBC Networks is going to split up Dipper Fresh Studios on the 24th December, but will still own half of


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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    Have you ever wondered that you can show your creativity to the public? Well, even though myself, and TheMagRBLX have both have been making logos for both my own networks and his own networks. But, this time we want you to show your creativity for our official logo for the upcoming Dipper Fresh Network. To enter, you must have a software that has special features for to create the logo (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc.), however, we don't allow MS Paint due to it's lack of features and some pixels leftout. The logo could be either modern, retro, futuristic, bold, narrow, etc..

    The contest will end on December 21, 2015.

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    Starting on November 6, 2015, we will start auditions for our upcoming game show Mr. Vice Versa.

    You will get the chance to be:

    • Contestant
    • FX/SFX/Editor
    • Set builder
    • Head of Control Room
    • Logo Designer
    • Produced
    • Music composer
    • etc.

    Auditions will run from November 6 to November 13, 2015.

    Mr. Vice Versa is expected to air on January 1, 2016 following the launch of the Dipper Fresh Network.

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  • Planetalk14


    October 31, 2015 by Planetalk14

    Hello everyone. ^U^

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  • TheMagRBLX


    October 30, 2015 by TheMagRBLX
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