1 Dipper Fresh Place is the designated address of the upcoming Dipper Fresh Foundation headquarters that is expected to be completed by July or August 2016.


Plans for a new headquarters were dated back to late-2014, after moving to several free modeled places that houses some headquarters without an owner, but this caused mostly negative reaction that they decided that it was the best idea to build its own headquarters based on real-life buildings across the United States.

1st Plan (2015)

The first headquarters plan started construction in February 18, 2015. The first building was based off of a real-life building that is located at 125 Western Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts. The building was formerly owned by PBS-affiliated member channel, WGBH. That building is currently owned by Harvard University.

During construction, DFS was concerned that the building didn't had that much space to support some major rooms such as studios, offices, newsroom, control rooms, etc. However, construction would continue unitil December 19, 2015, when Dipper Fresh Foundation announced that the first headquarters plan is to be shelved. As a result, the building is left abandoned while being unfinished.

2nd Plan (2015 - 2016; as main headquarters) (2016 - present) (secondary)

Shortly after the abandonment of the first built headquarters while being near completion, it was announced that a second plan for a new headquarters had started construction, it was also based off of a real-life building that is located 8045 Kennet Street in Silver Spring, Maryland, which is currently owned by Discovery Communications.

The construction of the headquarters was built with textured bricks, and concrete with colors of dark brown and beige, it also consisted with a pedestrian bridge that is connected to a exit to the parking lot. However, like the first plan, space would become limited, even studios would be limited.

In April 23, 2016, it was announced that the place would be used as secondary offices, IT centers, and studios instead of being abandoned like the first plan.

3rd Plan (2016 - present)

In April 23, 2016, it was announced that instead of having the second planned building as the main headquarters, which became secondary offices, IT, and secondary studios there was construction of a third planned building, as it will be larger and more accessible to having more space for studios, offices, control rooms, conference rooms, etc. Like the previous plans, it is also based off of a real-life building located at 1630 North Meridian Street in Indianapolis, Indiana that is owned to PBS-affiliated member station, WFYI.

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